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Bulletproof Wings
Directed by Lory Ambrosini
Produced by Amanda Ozment


Front man Ethan Isaac enlists his band Edison in an Armed Forces Entertainment experiment to boost plummeting troop morale during the Iraq War by embedding an American rock group with the United States military on the frontline. A personal, unique documentary offering a POV perspective of the battlefield through civilian eyes set in the emotional aftermath of 09/11.

About Ethan Isaac and Edisun (Edison)

Rock band Edison was formed in 2005, shortly before founding member Ethan Isaac received an invitation to participate in a tour of remote bases in the hottest zones of the Iraq War. After returning to the States, drummer Tim Newton left the band and original bassist Jay Salley soon followed, prompting Isaac to rename Edison ‘Edisun’, as a nod to a new dawn for the project and its new members. Guitarist Jonathan Svec and drummer Todd Budich remained core members of the band for a decade. Edisun had 2 modest chart hits and their music was a staple for ESPN and MTV. Ethan Isaac has continued touring for the AFE with various incarnations of the band for the last 15 years, albeit in an infinitely safer fashion, on the normal military concert circuit and remains fully committed to supporting the troops. Edisun has received commendations from the military and government and, for a time, their picture was displayed in the Pentagon in tribute to their service. 

Edisun on the Web

About the Production

The film footage was painstakingly reconstructed and restored from 67 one hour length DV camcorder tapes recorded over a 9 month period. The camera was left rolling for a maximum of 5 minutes at a time and there was no additional audio to draw from. There was no ability to digitally expand size or manipulate the footage, essentially the film is comprised of B Roll. The result is a fresh, raw, textured, immersive POV Documentary that obliterates the 4th wall, a rarity, if not a first, in the genre.

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